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  Our Course of study begins with seven classes, which we consider basic classes.

These classes are designed to not only teach the student some of the fundamentals of Craft but also give the student and the rest of the Coven ideas if they are a match for each other.

If the Student continues into Closed Grove, they will be exposed to varied subjects matter such as:
  1. Where did it all start-- A brief history of modern Wicca and a look at real Magic!
  2. Transform Self-Judgment into Acceptance, Self-Love, and Grounding, and Centering
  3. The Magic of Color-- This class is not about the color meanings
  4. Lucid Dreaming
  5. Mystical Magical Talismans
  6. Power vs. power from within
  7. Ritual and Spell Crafting
  8. Beginners meditation
  9. Mind Tools
Once they have finished six months of their year, they may ask in writing for the first degree assuming they are in good standing and expect to accomplish everything on time. Their request will go before the Elders a month before their year is up. They will be notified of the decision if they must stay longer in Closed Grove or may join the Coven as a First Degree.

The cost of the seven-week basic classes is $15.00.

Both the Grove and Coven have a dues which off sent the cost of their expenses.


Pastors Sherri & Steve Mekkelsen Madden
Lenoir, NC 28645
Tel: 828-758-4988

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